Founded in London by Bruno Maag in 1991, Dalton Maag are an independent type design studio with offices around the globe. The team consists of 41 international font developers, software engineers and creative designers whom collaborate and have worked for big/small businesses alike. Their portfolio consists of work developed for Rio 2016, Toyota, Google, Vodafone, BMW, Amazon, Nokia and many more.

Dalton Maag offer a range of fonts on their website which you are able to buy a license for; the price varies depending on the font you want. For example, Setimo Family costs £90 whereas buying the family of Aktiv Grotesk would cost £240. However, you can buy individual fonts for around £15 each. So, whatever your budget, Dalton Maag has a variety on offer. Still, this is a lot cheaper than the Helvetic family which would set you back over £700.

The man behind the magic himself is Bruno Maag. born in 1962, he is  Swiss type designer whom started his career as an apprentice typesetter forSwitzerland’s largest newspaper; Tages Anzeiger. A typesetter is an individual whom is sent the images, text and any other illustrative material and they begin setting it out on the page ready for print. After his apprenticeship, his began to study a degree in Visual Communication at Basel School of Design in Basel, Switzerland. He had a placement at Stempel Type Foundry in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This is where he met Rene Kerfante and was later invited to join him working for Monotype. This was a bold move for Maag as he worked for Monotype in both the UK and the US, where he later designed typography for The New Yorker; an American magazine published by Condé Nast (whom also publish Vogue). He has designed many typefaces in his career such as Aktiv Grotesk, Co, Elevon, Stroudley, Viato and many, many more. His is reknown for his severe dislike of the typeface Helvetica, which I am personally a fan of so I can’t relate.



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