Betsy is going to Birmingham, or is she?

Fate left us with Birmingham (what I did in a past life to deserve that, I don’t know). But, I went into this project with an open mind and good attitude. Here’s what I found:

The job. A graduate graphic design job that pays £18,000 to £20,000 per annum. Not bad. It’s located in central Birmingham meaning it is easily accessible to transport links if needed. This is the company website.

Housing. Believe it or not, I searched for over twenty minutes to find a reasonably priced and nice apartment. Apparently Birmingham’s furnishing aesthetic is crumbling walls and no windows. Anyway, the flat we found is in Solihull, not too far from Birmingham. It’s 3 bedroomed so that means I could have a house share, or do the sensible thing and have my a master bedroom, spare bedroom and an office because, let’s face it, graphic design is a round the clock job. Priced at £895 a month, I believe this is a decent price to pay for a good place to live.

The area. Now, I said I came into this being open minded, but Birmingham is renown for being a tad on the dangerous side. I’m not the type to live in an area where I can’t leave my house after dark. So, I wanted to check the crime statistics. This shocked me because the area where I’m looking to live has such low crime rates, and what’s even more shocking, the crime rates where I currently live are sky high. So, in reality, this area of Birmingham is completely viable for me to spend my working days.

Commuting. I have a car meaning I could either get a train to work, or drive. However, with the job being in the city, this means that it’s more than likely to have hefty parking charges so I opted for the train. Now, from the nearest train station (Whitlocks End) to the nearest station to the job (Birmingham New Street) there were no weekly, monthly or yearly savers for the selected route. This means that I’d have to pay daily for my train tickets; £5.50. Now, assuming I’d work 5 days a week, 9am until 5pm, this would cost me around £1,430 yearly. Wow. That’s more than my car insurance and 4 months worth of petrol. However, I’m assuming the train would be cheaper in the long run as I’d save on parking premiums which average around £7 – £15 a day. Also, some companies offer money back for travel if you have proof. I’m not certain whether this company offers travel expenses as I can’t find it on their website, but nonetheless, it is still cheaper to go by train than by car.

Viable? I believe it isn’t. Although Birmingham is closer to my family and they are one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, I don’t think moving there is viable. There are many of reasons for this. First of all, money. Let’s do some simple math. Let’s say yearly I earn a base rate of £18,000. Then deducting annual rent cost leaves me with £7,260. To then deduct the price of travel leaves £5,830. Monthly, this equates to around £485.83. Out of that comes tax, electricity, gas, car insurance, petrol, food, leisure activities, phone bill, Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, etc. Realistically, I’m looking to emigrate in the future and having a job like this one, wouldn’t leave me with much to spare at the end of each month. Everything I earn would go straight back out of my back to one bill or another. I understand that this is adulthood, but I could find a much better job with better transport links elsewhere, thus saving me money each month. This may be viable for somebody else but for me and for the way I see my future, this wouldn’t fit with my plan.

To conclude, I’m not moving to Birmingham.


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