What is an infographic?Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 15.15.44.png

We were tasked to make an infographic of our Habitus; our journey. This, to me, immediately sang certain words. Some from when I was growing up, some used now; the overall idea I was picturing was myself, but made up of words that represent me.

Now, as an individual, if you ask me to describe myself, I’m more than likely to use a negative vocabulary; some would define me as ‘self-deprecating’. To be honest, I don’t completely disagree with that. This meant I was at a loss for words, then, I discovered this website and had a new idea.

I’ve asked my friends, family, people I used to engage with, past relationships, etc. all to describe me using one word or phrase. This could come back with some severely harsh words or it could completely surprise me and be rather pleasant, I guess we’ll find out.

This is the page I created for people to write on.

Update: I no longer followed this idea as I was on the wrong tracks and not following the specified guidelines. However, here are some of my pieces that I began working on. I do like them and maybe I will follow them up at  later date as they were coming along rather well.


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