Skills I need to develop, to learn and how I plan to do so

I lack confidence, and this really comes out when speaking aloud, especially speaking in front of large quantities of people. We recently did some presentations and, to put it politely, I was horrendous. I flourish when it comes to writing and research, but when it comes to speaking I tend to stop dead as I panic. This is something I need to work on as in the future I will either be working one-to-one with clients or with a group of individuals. Either way, I will have to constructively work alongside people and if I can’t speak in front of them, I will struggle greatly.

I know that over the next three years of my degree I will be presenting again and again, it’s a part of our deliverables and something I need to work on. It stems from a lack of confidence I will have to develop upon this in my personal time. However, my confidence has developed greatly already as this time last year I barely spoke at all, so that’s one plus. I’ve already began to develop on it more as I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing things like Student Rep which allows me to communicate with those in and around college. Once I begin to feel more comfortable I believe my nerves will settle down and I will be able to speak more confidently without losing my train of thought.

Something else I need to learn is how to limit my waffling on. I tend to speak for days about nothing too important and sometimes this means I will repeat things once or twice. Again, this is due to lack of confidence and it will start to calm down when I’m more comfortable.

There are many things I need to learn and develop upon but I hope to attain all of them over the next three years. For example, I hope to have an in depth knowledge of the Adobe Suite and the graphic design industry. I hope to do some work experience with a design company over the summer so I can add it to my working portfolio and hopefully this will help me develop my industry knowledge, as we all know that theory is different to practice.

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