Top 5 Design Companies in the UK

I like simplicity within design. I like clean, symmetrical and systematical design. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean I will narrow my design process and identity to that. I like a range of work and companies; from simplistic to out-there. But, here’s five I particularly like and a paragraph as to why.

Shred Creative: Local to Plymouth and some of the best design work I’ve seen. I particularly like their innovative approach to each client, no work is the same giving each piece it’s own identity. They really design to the product, you are able to tell the product they’re marketing from their designs, a difficult job to do but they seem to get it right every time. I really look up to this company, I’m hoping to visit them soon to get a feel of their workspace and how they work as a team.

Craig & Karl: A pop art feel. ‘Hi, we’re Craig Redman and Karl Maier, we live in different parts of the world (New York & London) but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way.’ Their work has a corporate feel, a certain identity that you can recognise with ease.

 Leo Burnett London: ‘We create a cultural impact’. Leo Burnett have created many powerful ads, such as #LikeAGirl for P&G. They’ve worked for so many big brands and won numerous awards for their work. Usually, I tend to dislike big corporate companies as they tend to stick to one approach and use that within all of their designs, however, Leo Burnett don’t. They work on each brief individually, creating a new chapter to their never ending portfolio.

Magpie Studio: As soon as I researched Magpie Studios I fell in love with their website. Their work is diverse, clean and innovative. Their mantra is ‘Listen to our clients; understand their audience; solve their problems’ and I, as an individual, really relate. Similar to Leo Burnett, Magpie studios create an individual approach to their clients, dependant on their brief whereas Craig & Karl have a particular design ethic, which applies to a particular target audience, limiting their clientele. This is what I like about Magpie, and Leo Burnett, their open minded approach leads to new and innovative ideas within the industry, rather than just a development on the same old thing.

Studio Output: Studio Output also offer a diverse range of work. They’ve worked on Pottermore, Sony Music and Penguin Random House, just to name a few. They’re very corporate as well as offering a range of jobs, other than graphic design. They’re an open minded company with a diverse work ethic whom offer an in-depth knowledge of the industry as their employees have a ranging skillset. From brand identity and brand communications to digital design and art direction, Studio Output have something to offer to everybody. Craftsmen of the graphic design industry.

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