Skill sets I withhold and how they will help me within the industry

My skill sets vary. I mean, I’m pretty witty and that would help me tremendously if I was working for a company such as Hallmark as I imagine their sales would flourish with my jokes. Yet, my time keeping and work ethic would most probably get me the job.

Finding a job in this world is difficult. I currently work at Tesco, which is fine, but I don’t see myself working there forever. Unless they hire me to rebrand them, then I’ll consider it. But, whilst working there I have obtained many skills that would help me within the industry. For example, routine. Over the summer I was getting up for work at 4am every morning, coming home at 10am and then going back to another job 4pm until 10pm. At the time, I was asking myself why, but now I realise that working two jobs helped me realise the importance of getting into a routine and structure. If I hadn’t worked two jobs or gotten into a routine, I would have probably stayed up until 4am every morning watching reruns of the Simpsons. I can apply this structure and routine into my future career, and I’m even using it within university to balance out my work and it’s helping, quite a lot, in fact.

My time keeping is impeccable. I’m never late (traffic dependant) meaning I have plenty of time to do things. In fact, I was an hour early to my interview at Tesco which I spent in the Costa next door rehearsing the ’employ me please’ speech I prepared earlier. This would be a massive factor within my career as I’d always be that early for meetings, I’d have some extra time to refine and/or edit my work. It’s important to be on time, or early, as it shows your enthusiasm and that you’re professional. Personally, if I was looking for somebody to design me something graphic and we had arranged a meeting for 10am, I wouldn’t stick around for any more than 15 minutes. If they can’t be bothered to turn up on time, what makes you think they’ll complete your work for the deadline? You have to look at things from you clients view-point and think about what they’d look for in a graphic designer, or a potential employer, one thing I know I’m good at.

I am good at detaching my personal life from my professional life, and prioritising them when necessary. For example, if I have a deadline due next week but my friends want to go out for a cocktail (or 5) I have the willpower to say no, or to go home after one and continue working. I’ve always been good at balancing out my work life and personal life, it’s something my dad taught me when I was younger because if you merge the two it ‘can sometimes get messy’ and I, for one, don’t need the extra stress.



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