Drop Cap Task

We were put into groups of 3/4 and told to create an alphabet. No restrictions, nothing’s wrong. Just make an alphabet using different materials. I’m pretty sure it was just for our lecturers to get a sense of our design technique and process, but, I could be wrong.

I was in a group with Kevin, Fiona and Jenna where we split the alphabet evenly between us then we had Y and Z spare (but we just said whomever finished first could have that responsibility). I had the letters T to X which, to be honest, wasn’t the best but at least I didn’t have the letter S.

Overall, our outcome was artistic, to say the least. At the beginning of the session I was a little uncomfortable as I tend to flourish on the computer, compared to traditional design methods. I was slow at the start as I was outside of my comfort zone but once I got into it I began to enjoy it a little more. And, in the end, I was pretty happy with most of my outcomes, I was particularly fond of my U. I like the dynamics of it and yes, maybe the colour scheme wasn’t the best, but I was working with what I had. If I was to change it I would have used white paper on black card to really make it pop but we didn’t have those supplies.

Overall, this task really made me reflect upon my own design technique. I’ve realised that my design technique is clean and systematic, Gestalt isn’t to be found in my portfolio, not yet anyway. Working in a group with other artistic people really makes you second guess your design ethic, but at the same time, that’s how you develop and learn I guess. Otherwise, we’d all be stuck doing the one thing we’re good at forever, and that’s not a good design ethic to have.


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