Experimental Image Making

Experimental image making is a concept that is new to me. Using an array of tools and materials we had to react to an image shown to us on screen within 8 minutes. There were no rules, no limitations, just react. Then, when the 8 minutes were up, we passed it anticlockwise and started the process again, but to react to that of the last persons artefact.

In the beginning, I was rather lost. ‘How do I react to a piece of art?’, ‘Do I draw a frown/smiley face?’, ‘what is going on?’ are all thoughts that crossed my mind and, to be honest, by the end of the task I had no further idea as to what was going on than I did at the start. However, once I lost my usual overthinking process and decided just to mimic/react/interpret what I wanted from the artefact done before me, the process became a whole lot easier.

By the end of the task I began to enjoy the freedom of working with a one-off outcome and starting again. I’m usually a perfectionist whom overthinks things and ends up in a mind-fuelled mess over nothing, something I’m working on, but this process taught me how to enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome. In reflection, I learnt that I need to stop worrying about the final product being the perfect and to just start learning to enjoy the process, whatever the outcome.

It was interesting to work in a big group as we haven’t really had the opportunity¬†to see each others work nor design approach but this task gave us that insight to reflect and collaborate. This is important as in the industry you would be working with a larger group of designers on one brief so you would be open to criticism and you’d maybe be dependant on each others strengths so it’s important to understand whom your colleagues are and what their design strengths are.

These are some of the books we created:


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