Hybrid letterforms

We were tasked to create hybrid letterforms within InDesign. I was given the letter S and I decided to work with my chosen font from the BAGD101 sessions; futura. The font futura is pretty much what it says on the tin; futuristic. You’d place it on the cover for a sci-fi film or a new channel 4 documentary about robots. I really like contemporary methods and design, so for me, this was an obvious choice within the brief and for this task. I wanted to see what I could create with it. Now, an S is a flowing letterform with it’s curvature and slender shape, this is something I wanted to focus on throughout the creative process.  This was my starting point:

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-19-23-34We were then told to size it to the page, duplicate it and remove half of the letterform. It would all make sense later.So we did just that using the pathfinder tool within InDesign which I had never used before, it’s pretty nifty. Then we were told to swap computers with somebody randomly. Kevin chose to develop upon my letterform and I chose Sarah.The first letterform must continue as it’s original letter. For example, I chose Futura and Kevin could have chosen Comic Sans, as long as he used an S. I believed his method of thinking was taking the told half of a futura S, rotating it and reattaching it. As for the creative letterforms, he really hit the nail on the head. He created an A and B using half forms of other letters in different typefaces. I think the B works extremely well as it flows yet the drastic change in width adds personality, you can always count on Kevin to be creative.





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