After eliminating my original idea, I wanted to concentrate on why I moved to Plymouth. For me, this was a pretty bold step as I moved 300 miles away from everything I’ve ever known all for further education. Saying this, Plymouth is my second home as I have already established a friendship ground here and I’ve visited the city a few times. To take inspiration I thought around why I did decide to move here and not pursue my other university choices; Leeds College of Art, Plymouth University, Falmouth and Westminster.

I began with my choice; Plymouth College of Art. I heard about the university at a UCAS event we were dragged to in Manchester. To be honest, I lot of us went just for the Christmas markets and shopping, however, on the way out of the event we got lost and I was collared by one of the university students from PCA and ironically she was also studying graphic design. After speaking for a few minutes she made the university sound like an inclusive, creative place which I’ve always tended to thrive in. So, I went to visit on the next open day and ever since the city has become my second home.

I began to brainstorm and a few words that came to mind were; MTV (I’ve been to the event two years in a row), pasties, friends, university and quids in (a recent discovery). I couldn’t really think of a way to illustrate this information, but then I had an idea; use all the words that drew me into Plymouth, into Plymouth. This was my final piece:

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 16.15.18.png

Overall, I kind of like the way it turned out. If I had more time I would pursue my original idea of making a self-portrait out of words, however, the time scale I had was short and it wasn’t realistic to try and create that piece in such a small amount of time. I think the different shades of blue representing that Plymouth is an ocean city worked brilliantly as Neil picked up on it during crit. The more influential words being a deeper blue also made it stand out. Again, if I had more time I would’ve manipulated the words so that the forms themselves were the outline of Plymouth, rather than filling it up. Nonetheless, the idea still worked and overall I’m happy with the outcome.






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