Grid Placement

To start us thinking about our placement, Neil introduced us to the grid system. Innovated by Josef Muller-Brockmann whom used grids within all of his work to introduce structure and order, we tried to resemble this using a few sentences Neil had already prepared.

Thinking about placement and the hierarchy of the page, we were given a set grid to which we had to place our sentences on. This was a useful task as you really begin to think about how you want the page to look and how it will affect the reader; what will they read first? Is that the most important piece of information? Where do they look next? It was all about putting yourself in both the designer and the viewers shoes.

  • As a designer you have to think about what looks good, whilst still being practical and innovative. You have to attract the reader’s eye as well as still having a precise format that works practically and aesthethically.
  • As the viewer you have to think about where on the page you are drawn to first, what are you going to read first? If you saw this in a magazine or newspaper, would you read it?

Grid placements are all about balance. You have to think about what looks good to you as a designer, and you have to decide whether it will affect your target audience. As a whole, this workshop really helped me acknowledge the subtle undertones of graphic design. Grids are something I have never noticed before, but I am certain that I will begin to now that they have been introduced to me. That rusty spoon menu is never going to be the same again.

These were my grid placements and, although I wouldn’t use these particular layouts in any of my design work, it was a starting point where I can begin to develop further and I will use for future reference. I will certainly use these within my books later on in the moduele.


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