Adobe InDesign: A Guide

Andy and Alex asked us to create a personal referencing guide including all of the things we have learnt with them during their InDesign sessions so far. They asked us to create a 16 page book that was no bigger than A5. It could be in colour, and they would print it for us as colour is expensive. Very thoughtful.

For my InDesign book I decided to carry on the corporate feel of my 3 type basic books as I believed in that guide and I know it works well. I included page numbers, grids guides and the baseline, magazine deign, packaging, the different types of blacks, pantones and a short guide on short cuts you can find within InDesign. Not all of this I learnt with Andy and Alex, but the majority of it was.

Personally, I really enjoy the sessions we have with Andy and Alex as they’re always fun and we learnt a lot. In these sessions we learnt how to set up page numbers, which we needed within our type basic books, and an in depth session on grids, guides and the famous baseline. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy these sessions, but there is no way you can make the baseline fun, it’s just not achievable.

Within the book sI explained what I had learnt and how it would help me within graphic design. I mean, obviously it would help us process otherwise it wouldn’t have been taught, but it was a little about where I would use the processes in the future.

Upon reflection, hadn’t I broken my foot whilst going for dinner and I had spent a little more time on this book I would have made it more than 16 pages as there was a lot more I could have written about. I’ll most likely adapt on this book progressing through the year, or I will make different books developing on the different software we learn. As of yet, I’m just glad I finished it before the deadline. Broken foot and all.

Here is the final book:


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