Type Basics: Classification

Book two is all about the different classifications of typefaces. When looking at the evolution of typefaces and their classifications you come to notice that a lot of the fonts mimc the time in which they were used. This was interesting to me as I’d never really thought about what styled fonts before, I never questioned whether they were a reflection and I ever really questioned them at all, to be honest. I just chose what looked nice. But now I have a further understanding, when doing projects that are time-based, for example if I had to do a poster for a tv programme that was set in the 1920’s, I’d know to use a Didone classified font.

Here is my second book and it’s layout:

Out of the three books this is the one I learnt from the most. Adapting from the type basics, this book gave me the in depth knowledge that I had lacked before. If anything, this book helped me develop on my basics skills and, in turn, resulted in me being a well-rounded designer. Before joining university I questioned whether it be better for me to go into the industry through an apprenticeship, but now I’m here, I know that I would have never learnt these techniques and had this much knowledge though a placement. I definitely made the right choice for me.


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