Type Basics: Experimentation

Book 3 was all about my experimentation with typography and how I’ve developed upon letterforms. This was probably the easiest book to manufacture as I wrote about my experiences and views upon the artefacts, rather than defining what they are according to past beliefs.

What I particularly like about this book is that it allows me to look back and reflect on everything I have produced, both contemporary and traditional, and it shows my slight progression through this module. I’ve said before that I never considered traditional means of design as I was born in the midst of the digital era so everything around me has always been produced on a computer. It was good to experience workshops such as calligraphy and using a grid system to create my own alphabet, as if I had been asked to do this, I would have always resorted to the computer. Now, I can debate whether to produce by hand or by machine and in today’s market, that’s rare.

Here is my final book:

My only negative outlook on this book would be that there were not enough pages that I could design on. Half of this was due to my layout, but I wanted to have a concurrent theme running throughout all three of my books as I wanted them to be a range rather than three individual books. However, I think that the pieces I have displayed in my book work well amongst the range and I believe that it very much compliments them. Although I wanted to display my work in this book, I also wanted to write a little about each piece as I believe that I am stronger verbally than creatively, especially when it comes to deeper meanings. The only thing I changed was the size of the text boxes, as I didn’t want to write too much because the whole point of this book was the experimentation I’d partaken in. Again, the white space really makes the text stand out. Overall. my layout worked well both aesthetically and practically. I’ve extremely proud of my outcomes and I look forward to forwarding onto the next brief.


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