A Reflection

Learning about typography, how and where to display it as well as its impact has been extremely helpful. Not only is it something we should know as a designer, it’s something that will help further my career.

There have been strong points within this brief, the contemporary side, and weaknesses, the traditional processes. However, I have developed and learnt from all aspects we have covered. I’d never have imagined myself doing processes such as calligraphy as we now live in the digital era and, before studying here, I narrow-mindedly assumed such traditional craftsmanships had come to a halt. Yet, partaking in both traditional and contemporary methods of graphic design has pushed me to become a well-rounded designer whom now understands that there are some things you just can not mimic on a screen.

One thing I have come to realise is that design is not based on creative intuition alone, but a strong structure behind it. Tools such as the baseline grid that help with fundamental things such as the layout of your page and the placement of your images and text, these are things I would never have imagined helping within design before starting university.

I’ve also learnt that I am surrounded by some of the most creative individuals that I have ever come across; tutors as well as peers. As a group we have a lot of potential and I’m thrilled to see how we develop over the upcoming briefs during the three years we will spend together.


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