Interdisciplinary: Creative Media

We we given a sheet of paper with two images. Not to show anybody else, and to write words or phrases with associate with the image. We had two minutes and this is what I got; img_0384

As you can see, my brain automatically went to the negatives. ‘isolation’, ‘pain’, ‘Brexit’, ‘dispair’, etc and it was interesting to see what each individual made of a photo, rather than being influenced by one another in a group format.

We were split into groups based on our images. We combined our ideas into one discussed the overall feeling we got from the images. Our joint impression were lost/abandonment/depression. The overall word we took away was ‘suicide’ which would later become the root of our storyline.


Over the next two weeks we planned out our graphic. We wanted a hard-hitting video, something that’s passionate yet saddening and reflects the images we were given. Rob took us through some pre-narrative points we may need to think about before starting out story line, here’s his advice:

  • Every story has a start, middle and end so when creating a story its important to use this structure to obtain a strong storyline that’s consistent.


  • Think about title, the plot and the characters. Who/what/where/why/when and how?


  • First think about your script, then your storyboard and finally your locations



Who is he OR she? Is it more than one individual? Is it a group of people? All one gender or is it a mix?

What is their age? Does this affect your target audience? Do the audience need to know their age to make the story any more valid?

What is their occupation? Is this also just for the background? Do you need to portray this within your video?

What background knowledge do we want the audience to know and how much? Take into consideration all of the points you made earlier, generalise them and decide on your story line.

Our Storyline: Between myself, Harry, Thyra and Sarah we established from the early stages that we wanted to go along the suicide lines as in the UK suicide is the most common death among men aged 40 and over. Suicide and mental health is still very much stigmatised around the world, but it shouldn’t be like that. All humans go through rough times and we should be able to speak about it freely without being judged, or feel as though we’re being looked down on. We wanted to focus on this during our project.

Our video will show you the in and out’s of his day, showing routine and order, like you are trained in the army yet there will be three visual cuts throughout each shot to symbolise flashbacks and the affects PTSD has had on his life.

Who are they? An individual whom was in the Army and whom suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of being in the middle of war and conflict. During out research we found that a lot of individuals whom suffer from PTSD also suffer from Alcoholism, but we believe this would be better as background knowledge rather than trying to also capture it within the 10 shot film.

What is their age? Ideally we would find somebody whom is 40 or above, but we couldn’t find anybody willing to volunteer so we were using Harry as our model.

What is their occupation? As previously stated the individual was in the Army, but has now left due to mental health.

Background information? Worked in the army, but let due to illness. Also battling an alcohol addiction alongside PTSD.


These are the images we took:


Harry had the job of putting the video together and as soon as he sends it to us, I’ll link it here:


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