Illustrator Workshop

Live trace: Window > image trace > expand

Image trace is good for text. Makes it a vector and means you are able to blow it up as much as you’d like without it blurring. Tick ignore white for the best results as noise picks up imperfections.

Modes: This will do big block areas of shading. It’s better in black and white mode as it achieves a nicer outcome. They work out paths and anchors so the more complex the image the slower your machine will be.

Outlining: Outline text converts to a vector. From this point forward you can’t change the spelling but you can change the colour and anchors. Type > create outlines. Printers often ask you to create outlines of your text to prevent them being restricted by fonts and they can’t make any amendments to your text accidentally, saving you both time and money.

We were asked to create a Russian Constructivism poster to show off our new techniques, the only downside was that it had to be based on our home town. Those who known me know that there is nothing I hate more than the north of England, as thats where I’m from. I hate the accent and the general area. So, my poster was going to be an anti-Lancashire poster.

Here it is:


It has the typical red, white and black colour scheme found in Russian constructivism posters. I used the image trace to create a black Lancashire rose as we all know they lost the white rose to Yorkshire- terrible. There’s words to describe my area and it’s representation. Overall, a good reflection of my home county.

What I will say is that the live trace tool is immensely useful. It creates a really nice effect and makes it 10x simpler to recreate your favourite images with a little added extra. There are a lot of things I can use this for now I know about it, for example I can use it within poster design and maybe even later on in this brief.


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