Replicating Logos

With Alex and Andy we went though the tedious process of recreating famous logos. Apparently this is a popular technique within the graphic design community as it learns you how to use the pen tool and other tools like the pathfinders to create shapes. It’s also handy as sometimes you will be given a blurry logo which will pixelate and you just can’t use it – unless you like the rugged, unprofessional look.

Anyhow, I got the hang of this process rather fast and I was quite impressed with myself as sometimes I can take a little while to get used to a new tool. After a while Andy began giving me the rather difficult logos- but I wasn’t phased because I started to look at the logos as shapes by colour, rather than each individual part as this can lead to major confusion.

I’m really glad that we were taught this process because it made the logo design process that little bit simpler. A good technique I’ve found is to hold shift whilst trying to maintain a straight line as doing this keeps your line parallel rather than you trying to eye it.

Here are the logos I had recreated:


There were the easier ones like the Plymouth College of Art and Skype logos, then there was the Twitter bird which wasn’t so easy. This took a lot of circles, patience and the pathfinder tool, but once I had figured it out mathematically, it became a lot easier. Overall, this was a really good session and I learnt a lot, especially about the pen tool. Now I know that if magazine design doesn’t quite work out for me, I can make a business out of recreating famous logos.


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