Animism workshop

After the animism and shamanism talk with Matt, he presented us with shapes which he would like us to make animals out of. Baring mind, this links well to Gestalt and the rule of similarity where the shapes are linked together and seen as a group making an image, rather than individual shapes, which is what they are.

At this point, I still had no idea which animal I wanted to use within my brand, although I had began researching, nothing really stood out to me. In the end, I decided to just design common animals. The first one that stood out to me was a pig, maybe because we had just been speaking about animal related films and Babe was the first to come to mind. Nevertheless, I began designing.

When designing it’s good to have a reference image, especially when you’re designing something that is somewhat realistic. Besides, I don’t have a recall of pigs ears, I’ve never looked that closely. With the sheet Matt provided we were told not to manipulate any shapes, and when it came to the ears this seemed to prove difficult. Pigs ears aren’t pointy and to be honest it looks like a pink cat. So I scrapped this idea and moved onto a sea creature, seen as my animal would be ocean related.



I began designing a whale as the shapes were easy to place and I only needed a few shapes. Overall, I think this minimalist look works really well. It needs adjusting and some manoeuvring, but this could very easily be a strong contender within my three logos. Especially when it comes to product market and competition, I know that The Cornish Diving School in Falmouth used a minimalist approach with their design and that works really well, but this could be a very good competitor.





  • Line up the tail with the body to make a flowing shape; law of continuation.
  • Line up the body as there is a little notch at the bottom of the whale.
  • Look at shortening the body.
  • Add a company name.

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