Idea #1 – Undercurrent

Undercurrent Scuba Diving School based in Falmouth, Cornwall. This company has an established and professional approach as there is quite a lot of competition within Falmouth itself.  Cornish Diving School already has quite an impressive customer following, so whatever I designed had to be at an equal stand point baring in mind that this would be my main competitor.

I used the whale graphic I made during Matt’s animism session, but I made some slight modifications and after doing my own research I used a realistic colour scheme. The mark itself is a contemporary illustration with a modern feel which is a growing trend in today’s design world. The whale has a simplistic feel which won’t fade over the forthcoming years, it will always be representative and you can’t take that away.

Undercurrent diving school gets its name from the current of water below the surface moving in a different direction; it’s useful for divers as the undercurrent often helps with the divers movement under water. I thought this was a nice play on symbolism as it ties the name and the mark together.


Idea Development: 



Presentation slides inducing application, sizing and colour scheme:

The colour scheme itself is something I colour picked from the primary research I had conducted. I went to Falmouth, visited the beaches and got a feel of the  colours there. I took some pictures and then picked them using Adobe Capture which made the process 10x easier and faster, I then chose the colours I felt represented the brand best and included them.

Images and colour swatches: 



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