Aquarium Visit

On Friday afternoon we took a wonder down to the National Marine Aquarium; Plymouth’s staple attraction. Here we were to take some pictures, videos and little sketches to begin generating ideas for our companies.

Drawing isn’t one of my strengths, especially not traditional drawing, but I am good at minimalist styling. Drawing is something I’ve always had a struggle with as I can throw out idea after idea, but sometimes I can’t quite portray it on a traditional medium. However, I am much better at drawing with a graphics tablet whether this comes down to the fact that no mark is permanent or you can mould the marks you have already made, I’m not sure, but I know that I’m a lot more skilled at this than I am drawing traditionally.

Here are some images and I did take some videos of movement which I shall upload onto my Twitter account. Again, I did some sketches just from these images which I don’t believe will progress into one of my concepts but they’ve given me direction nonetheless.

From this I now know which animals are do’s and don’t as well as knowing which artistic direction I want to move forward with. I think using minimalism will work well within this brief as it’s quite the trend within the graphic design world currently but it’s also very professional. The use of geometric shapes is where I want to land myself at the very end of this project.



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