When designing my mark I knew that I wanted something minimalistic, but I wanted to look further out than the Adobe font library. If this was a longer brief, I would possibly have designed my own font, yet I know I don’t have much time so this is unrealistic.

I began searching the web and free font foundries, but these didn’t offer much in a sense minimalist fonts. So I decided to look on Behance as this site has a lot of individuals from a range of creative backgrounds and I knew there would be some innovative fonts on there from young undiscovered designers whom will approach design with a new, innovative idea.

On Behance I discovered some amazing fonts, which I could use for a range of things, however I needed one that will match my fit so I had a pretty narrow target. I wanted a sans serif, geometric yet bold for which would easily match my mark and would give a corporate feel rather than an unprofessional one.

Here are some of the fonts I’ve found:

SomaticBuBuOld GrowthFredokaPhenomina

Phenomina came with a family of fonts which I could use throughout the branding and guidelines, ranging from light to extra bold. This would give me a really good range throughout my application as I can easily create



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