Presentation, final logo and crit


This is my presentation and throughout I explained my visions, ideas and outcomes. After presenting my three logos, it was clear to see the outright winner. My group of 8, and the other two groups, had a majority vote for the minimalist style whale which I was happy with as this was by far my favourite too. Although, after I explained the story of the seal and Little Flippers, Neil preferred this idea.

Crit comments: 

  • Think about the colour scheme, maybe change the colour of the whale and the font, or have them two separate colours.
  • The placement of the eye; try different places to make it ‘more realistic’.
  • The gap between the tail and body should be the same gap between the tail fins.
  • Name change; bad connotation of undercurrent.
  • The body is a little bulky.

With all the comments and suggestions I have a definite idea of where I need to progress and how I should do it. The crit wasn’t all bad, which I thought it would be, but that stems from the nerves of presenting and overthinking. Overall, I’m very happy with the result and the feedback I was given.



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