Secondary diving research

Before I began illustrating and planning the structures of my brand, I know it best to research what has already been done, to avoid plagiarism and such things. I resorted to Google and began researching diving schools in the South West, as I knew this is where I wanted my company to be based as scuba diving is a water sport and they seem to be very active in this part of the country. You’d never get a scuba diving school in Blackpool as the water is polluted and I’m sure there is no active sea life there; if there is I image it to be like the three eyed fish from The Simpsons. Anyway, I digress. My research stemmed from these diving schools and their logos as I didn’t want to copy a logo that was already out there.

Here are some companies I found:

InDeep, Discovery Divers, Cornish Diving School, BSAC, Porthkerris, Divers Down, Divers Newquay, Scimitar Diving. What I learnt from these companies is that the majority of them don’t necessarily have the diving equipment incorporated within their logo, so this makes me question the need of having it there, or do I go away from the crowd and involve it? Another thing I noticed is the lack of animals as logos, excluding Cornish diving school and Discovery Divers.

Cornish Diving School was the best branding, in my opinion. It’s modern yet still related to the brand. The use of a seahorse as a mark was different and the way it was comprised was unique, the designer made us of the outline whilst also dissecting all of the negative space. This is a modern technique as most designers nowadays imagine what they can take away from a logo, as the minimalist fashion is orbiting around the design world right now. This is something I want to focus on as I think it worked really well.

What I know already: I want to produce three different ideas; 3 individual businesses in 3 different seaside towns. I want to focus on scuba diving, rather than platform diving; I know I now live in the home of the infamous Olympian Tom Daley but I want to stay away from such high platforms and focus on the little things.

Concept 1: St Ives Diving School for children. I visited St Ives to have a look at the beaches and the seaside town itself, to find some inspiration for the brand. I took some photos which I shall use as primary research, but I will also use these to colour pick from as I feel this is one way of referencing through the brand. It also gives it a homely feel. The icon: a seal. Now, what I didn’t know was that seals are rather popular in St Ives as they make quite a few appearances throughout the year. Seals can remain submerged for upto an hour; similar to how children are taught to dive. I thought this was a good concept for semiotics and is something I wanted to tie in.

Concept 2: An family friendly diving school based in Falmouth. There is already a strong scuba diving business in Falmouth itself but they don’t cater to families and this was the gap in the market I could potentially fill with my brand. However, it would have to be branded very well as Cornish Diving Company has a very good reputation ad it would be somewhat difficult to draw custom any from them.

Concept 3: Scuba Diving School based in Plymouth. Certain stingrays, Thornback Rays,  are local to Plymouth. This is what I was told by a local fisherman after obtaining some primary research down at the Hoe. I thought this could tie in well as there is also the National Marine Aquarium which attracts a lot of tourism due to it’s sharks and sting rays.


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