Things to starting thinking about: Branding

What is my company? A diving training school, however I’m yet to decide whether that means scuba diving or springboard/platform diving. Either way, living in Plymouth gives me a head start with both of these topics as living by the coast, especially in the south west, there are a lot of avid divers. Yet Tom Daley, our Olympic diver is also from Plymouth meaning that could be a very representative path to go down. Either way, it would be very easy for me to collect any primary research I may need.

Things that relate? Icons? Semiotics? Water. Sea. Oxygen tank. Snorkel. springboard. Platform. Seabed. Fish. Buoy. Boat. Flippers. Diving suit. Posture. Waves. Goggles. Costume. Ladder.

Who is your target audience? Ideal user/client? Depending on the brand that gets chosen, my target audience will be wholly different. As I have to make 3 brands, I want to make them 3 very diverse ones. One that’s more upmarket, one that’s aimed at children and another that’s your everyday Joe brand. Ideally I would like to pursue the higher class brand as it’s something I’m yet to play around with and I’d like to see the different mediums I could create with this.

Do you need a statement? As statements go, it would be a good idea for me to think of one as it adds that bit more to a brand. Often brands are remembered by their tag-line and/or jingle. But, don’t get me wrong, I have no voice of an angel or any musical talent so I shall not be making a jingle for this brief, but it may be something consider in second year.

Where do I want the brand to go?  Flourish. I want this brand to be the best of it’s kind in it’s respected area. No if’s, but’s or maybe’s, I want to create a brand that suit’s individuals of all ages and abilities.

What relates to the company that I can print on? Do these prove that my brand marks work? Flyers, vouchers, membership cards, balloons, badges, business cards, landing page, books, sticky notes, letterheads, unifroms, etc.


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