Why do graphic designers take such interest in politics and society?

Here’s the truth; we have an obligation. When it comes to the media, quite often it’s driven by bias. Whether it be politically or socially, there is always some bias, and quite often that comes down to whom is offering the biggest pay check.

As a graphic designer you have to decide to either stand with your morals, or go against them. Now, obviously if you’re driven by money or are easily persuaded by ‘registered work’ you will side against your morals, but I’m afraid that’s the weak way out.

In my humble opinion, if you can be persuaded by a few extra quid then your moral compass is out of sync, kiddo. Personally, I would never design a campaign for the likes of far right political parties such as UKIP nor would I design campaigns for religious groups as that is something I don’t believe in. Now, that is MY choice. Yet, there will be hundreds of other designers whom would get together a campaign for UKIP or the Catholic Church, and they have every right to, as long as they believe in it. My personal pet peeve is when an individual is persuaded by a pay check rather than designing for drive.


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