Should designers take responsibility for the Ethics of Their Clients? (article response)

Design is about passion. We create because we have the eye for it, but when it is taken out of our hands and we begin designing for consumerism, you start to question if that is truly is graphics?

We have a moral obligation to produce work that means something. We are leading the front of society as what we design in essence becomes the norm. As he new cop of designers, we are more socially and culturally aware and this is highly regarded as this means we can push boundaries further and begin to question the deeper meaning. For example, if nobody campaigned for the departure of the EU, it would not have been big news as the population would have now known about it, therefore we would have remained. You have to regard your ethics and morals, and find an equal balance.

At the end of the day it’s YOUR decision as a designer. But if you are working purely for money then, in my opinion, you are not a good graphic designer.


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