Photographic Tales: Session 3 – The finale

I was sad to come to the end of photographic tales. Not only was Louise passionate about her field, she was also a genuine individual who always looked for the best in our work/thoughts and I think that is an important attribute in not only a lecturer, but a human being.

This is the session in which we brought out final product. An image we had taken partnered with a piece of text which could either relate directly or indirectly, through ekphrastic writing we had learnt that you don’t have to pin point a whole idea, just small details.

We heard from a couple of students whom wanted to share their workings and, I have to say, I was really impressed at the detail in which some had put into their work. In reflection, I wish I would have looked at that kind of deeper meaning but I like to work as a minimalist and allow somebody to make their own conclusion, rather than spelling it out for them. However, there was one student (whom I believed was from textiles) and he wrote almost two pages about a girl paired with a very well framed image that, in all honesty, could have been in a gallery. This thought process, detailing and willingness to tell a story really came across. His piece of work was my favourite by far and I think that his flexible work style will take him very far into the creative industry.

My final product:


My piece was a reflection on why I had been at the specific location I was as, had I not been, I wouldn’t have this image and I thought that was an interesting thought. However, once I started to think about it in the sense of ekphrastic writing, my storyline changed and I wanted to focus on why I thought the van owner may have been at this specific place.

Writing has never been my strong point. It something I do because I have to, not out of passion. So when I was presented with this brief I knew I would be outside of my comfort zone but it was actually really interesting. When placed in a new situation you have to throw yourself into it otherwise you’re not experiencing the whole thing, just scratching the surface. That’s why I wanted my writing to be a little ominous. Not quite because I had intended it, but because I also wanted the reader to come to their own conclusion on why I had written like that. Was it a reflection of me? Was it about the van owner? Was it called reflection because of the one in the puddle of water? They won’t know, but they can come to their own conclusion, and I think that makes the reader connect with a piece more.

To conclude, I really enjoyed my time with Louise in photographic tales. I was a little out of my comfort zone, but that is something I’m slowly learning to take in my stride. Out of the three experiences I can say that this was by far the most successful in terms of learning outcomes, I can take what I learnt here and apply it to graphic design. Again, I wish I could have had more time here as I think there would have been a lot more to learn about creative writing, but the time I did have was productive and beneficial.


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