CV research

Before I began researching I knew that I wanted a modern, sleek and professional CV and now that I’m applying for an editorial role that’s even more so prominent. I created a new mood board on Pinterest to manage all of my ideas and inspirations into one place:Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 22.02.04.png

Black and white CV’s are boing and outdated. Yet, I wanted this CV to be minimalistic compared to the one I was to develop later, this would be an expansion upon my smaller CV. Conventional CV’s cram a lot of information into one space, meaning you have to edit down a lot of your information to get it all on there. This will be difficult but I think I can make it work. I have a bad habit of over-compensating when I don’t need to, so this will help me limit myself and put a small amount of the right information into one place instead of waffling.

Colour scheme:

As for colour scheme I want to go rather feminine as the fashion industry is predominately woman based. A pale pink and white colour scheme would be rather fitting as usually I work with dark colours and I want to experiment a little with my design instead of doing what seems comfortable. This is the brief to expand my ‘brand’ and see what works for me.


I want to use a sans serif font as they are modern and sleek rather than the traditional serif. I found an aesthetically pleasing font on FontSpace called Kirvy that I think will work well as a heading font. As far as body type goes I was debating between IT Franklin Gothic and Gill Sans. Then I discovered that my Mac does not come equipped with IT Franklin Gothic meaning I will have to use Gill sans which, in reflection, works a lot better with my header font.


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