The Job

In our brief it mentions that we must include a cover letter to a job that we would apply for. I wanted to take this one step further; I’ve decided to focus my cover letter, conventional and unconventional CV’s all on the same job as I believe in the long run this will help me more.

When applying to a job you are supposed to edit your CV down to suit said job, helping your chances at being successful. Baring this in mind, I know that I want to go into magazine editorial design, ideally for a high market fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. I began searching the web for a job in which I would apply for after my degree and as luck had it I found this: Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 13.01.46.png

A daily editing job at Vogue. Knowing what I know about the industry and how most individuals work their way up, I thought this would be a good starting point, at least I would be applying for the company in which I’m aiming for.

This isn’t a graphic design job, but it is a editing job. Writing this blog has unleashed a whole new side to me that I’ve never seen before, one that actually enjoys writing. However, the job isn’t the issue, the identification between my CV and the job is. I have to cater both of my CVs to this job; create something that Vogue would take second look at and that’s where I have my work cut out for me.


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