Cover letters

A cover letter is something you sent in alongside your CV explaining your interest in the job you’re applying for. In this you should express your passions and your hobbies then relate them to the job specifications. A good cover letter needs to catch the eye within 30 seconds, so you have to make it good.

You should do some research regarding the company before you start writing. What they do, whom their competitors are, what their workplace standard is like, what they’re like as a company and so on. This gives you the best chance of writing an in-depth cover letter than suits both their company specifications whilst also applying details about yourself.

When writing a cover letter you should always address the letter to the person handling job applications. Usually listened on the job advert, but if  it is not don’t be afraid to email or call the company to find out the name, not only does this show initiative but it also expresses your interest. However, if you cannot find name, Dear Sir / Madam will suffice.

Ensure you use a legible and readable font that employers can read. A good cover letter does not need to be more than one side of A4 so keep it brief and to the point.

Opening paragraph:

The opening paragraph should be short,  to the point and explain why it is that you’re writing. Including where you found the advertisement i.e. on Vogue’s website.

Second paragraph:

Why are you suitable for the job? Briefly specific skills mentioned on their application and relate them to your skills. Briefly describe your professional and academic background/qualifications that are relevant to ensure your the best chance.

Third paragraph:

This is the opportunity to emphasise what you can do for the company. Outline your career goal and expand on important points in your CV. This is the personal paragraph.

Fourth paragraph:

Why you would be the right fit for the role. Reiterate your interest in the role and the company.


Sign off your cover letter with ‘Yours sincerely’ and your name. I’m going to add my signature as a personal touch.




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