The Studio

We were set a pitch and present task where we had to create our own studio in teams. I worked in a team of four; myself, Katie, Fiona and Kevin. The general consensus was to sell our studio to our classmates where we then had to vote and decide who won.

We began looking at our skills as individuals and what we could bring to the studio, including both traditional and contemporary skillsets. We concluded that to have a successful studio you need a range of creative skills and interests which individually we all had.

We devised a list to organise ourselves accordingly and figure out our strengths:

  • Discuss our team skills
  • What services could we offer?
  • What resources do we need?
  • Will we each have job roles?
  • What is your identity?
  • Where will we be based?
  • How will we promote the studio?


After discussing each bullet point we realised that these were our team strengths:

  • Comedy
  • Logo Design
  • Strong connection to the music industry
  • Industry knowledge
  • 3D design
  • Game knowledge
  • Contemporary and Traditional skills
  • Links to London, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Manchester and Leeds
  • Film & TV experience
  • Advertising
  • Social Media understanding
  • Articulate
  • Special FX Make-up
  • Politics
  • Aware of the current world
  • Interest in fashion
  • Drivers licences
  • Photography

We then focused on the actual space. What resources would we need/would we need to outsource for anything? 

  • Studio space
  • 4 Macs (at least)
  • Adobe suite systems
  • Links to a printer
  • In house printers capable for book publication
  • Cameras
  • Photography space ( Cove/Infinity wall/Green screen/Blue screen)
  • Lights
  • Office furnishings
  • Set up on social medias.

We then set out job roles for the studio, baring in mind our individual strengths and how we would work best in the team. 

Me- Creative director

Kevin – 3D and game design

Fiona – Merchandising/branding/music

Katie – Advertising, communications and social media

What is our Identity?

Forward thinking, Innovative and cultured brand.

Where are we based? 

We plan to have multiple studios in major cities across the country; Reading, Bristol, Manchester and Brighton.


  • Social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Networking events
  • Business cards
  • Industry websites
  • Competitions
  • Collaborating through other studios

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