A letter to you – a collection

To fund our final shows in London we have to create a book; a collection to sell. This collection has to relate to who we are as individuals and it should reflect our work ethic or personality. I like reading letters, especially those with emotion as I think in today’s society it’s rather taboo to show your emotions, especially when writing them down as it becomes quite the reality rather swiftly. But that’s what I want this collection to focus on; true and raw emotion. I’m asking you to write a letter – the first person who came to mind when you read the title. Write to them in short and send it to me.

What am I looking for?

WHO? Anybody. Your significant other, a sibling, your parents, your best friend, a missed opportunity, somebody who passed away, a pet, an ex, an old boss / colleague or a complete stranger. It’s completely up to you.

WHAT? The contents of the letter is also subjective. It could be a thank you letter, a letter to congratulate, a letter of condolence, a love letter, etc. It doesn’t specifically matter what you write, as long as it’s honest.

WHERE? You can send it  here,  or email me personally alettertoyoucollection@outlook.com – I’m not too fussy.

INCLUDE? All you need to include is the recipients age and name, but it doesn’t have to be accurate, you can change it if you want to be completely anonymous.

If there are enough submissions then I could possibly made a range of these books, but we’ll see how well the first book goes first.

Thank you in advance.